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Re-AppropriationPlease check your release status before re-appropriating to another sub activity. System will check both at Approved release and Requested/Pending release.
User AccountTo create new account or re-map your existing account with new agency please fill in the MYRB User Form and mail it to myrb.mof@gmail.com. MYRB User From can be downloaded from MoF website.
Re-AppropriationRestriction from 26.01 to 02.01; Restriction from 05.01,25.01 to any OBC; Only allowed from 1.01, 2.01 and 24.03 to 1.01, 2.01 and 24.03; Restriction from any to 11.02;
Annual Performance ObjectivesAnnual Performance Objectives will be pulled from GPMS system on hourly base. In case you see Annual Objective empty, please wait for few minutes to fill in.
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